Using Instagram for Your Networking Social

If after all the networking, you are still not getting the followers or exposure that you feel you need you can always buy followers on instagram.  We’re not talking about fake profiles or robots; we are talking about real profiles, real people, and real followers.  The followers that these companies buy can not only turn into potential customers and clients, but can turn your profile into one of the most popular on Instagram.  The more followers you have the more attractive to other users on Instagram.  They will obviously check your profile out and if they like what they see, they will ultimately follow you, and thus tell their friends.  More exposure equals more business.

social networdNetworking can open a lot of doors for people whether you’re starting out your career or been in your line of business for a while.  Networking is essential in keeping yourself in the know and for gaining contacts that you may need in the future.  Social Media is not only for online, but can be used for in person social interaction.  Below, we will show you how you can use Instagram to meet people in your area and create a social event that will be the talk of the town.

First thing first; you need people to attend your invent

Of course you want to invite your friends and colleagues, and extend the invitation to a plus 1 or so; but, what about the people that you and your social group do not know?  That’s where Instagram, and a little help from the social network Meetup, come into play.  This social event is called an InstaMeet.  If you search through the InstaMeet tab for your city, you will see all different types of group gathering to meet up either to just take Instagram pictures and videos together or have a good time.  Create a meet up and create your own InstaMeet. Have it at your home, apt, or a venue; and watch people gather up for your exciting network event.

Use Instagram and  Instaprint as your attraction

Instaprint is a company that offers Instaprint box that prints pictures that you post on Instagram.  All your guests have to do is snap an Instagram photo at the event and use a custom hastag.  The Instaprint will search the hashtag and the right location and print the picture on Zink paper with the photographer’s name, icon, and any comments posted below.  Not only will this make a fun attraction at your party, it will become a good conversation starter and a way for you and your guests to gain new customers, business partners, and followers.

Meet up, Instaprint, and buying followers to boost your social networking event are only some of the tools that you can use to attract more business, more clients, and in the end more followers.   Many people and companies see the great potential that Instagram has.  Many big companies are using that potential to their advantages, and so should you.

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